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J/24 Wall Calendar photo submissions

July 5, 2016

The US J/24 Class Association is now accepting photo submissions for the 2017 J/24 Wall Calendar. Send pictures to the Class Office at director@j24class.org, and include the photographer name and the regatta where the photo occurred. The contest is limited to two pictures per submission, and we encourage photos taken within the last year. To have your photo included in the contest, please submit by August 1, 2016. You may forward low resolution files for the contest, but high resolution files are required for wall calendar printing. After August 1, the submitted photos will be posted on the J/24 Facebook page, and the six photos with the highest number of Likes during the designated time frame will be included in the 2017 USJCA Wall Calendar.

Early Bird Registration Closing Soon

June 29, 2016

Get in on the action while it’s hot – no time to lose! The early bird registration for the J/24 Drive HG North American Championship held in beautiful Port Credit Yacht Club in Mississauga, Ontario Canada from September 8-11, 2016 closes on Thursday, June 30! Go to www.2016j24nac.org.

Cleveland Race Week

June 23, 2016

As the city of Cleveland prepared for its first championship win in 52 years, 92 one-design boats were welcomed at Edgewater Yacht Club for the 36th annual Cleveland Race Week from June 17-19. Ten fleets competed, including 8 J/24s. Saturday morning started with AP onshore due to light winds and after a valiant effort by the Race Committee, no races were sailed as winds died throughout the afternoon. Sunday morning, entrants woke to decent, but shifting breeze with winds out of the southwest shifting north throughout the afternoon. The Race Committee was able to get in two races for the series. Winning the J/24 fleet was Dean Riedy’s Hall Pass with 2 points, followed by Louie Palmer’s Booyah with 5 points, and John O’Brien’s Flyby with 6. For complete information, click here.

Southern Bay Race Week

June 14, 2016

The Hampton Yacht Club in Virginia did not disappoint during their start of summer event, Southern Bay Race Week, as a number of fleets completed 11 races over the weekend. The J/24s saw a complete fleet domination by Ron Medlin’s BASH, counting only firsts and seconds to win with 12 points total in 11 races. Mike Veraldi’s QUICKY placed second with 19 points, and Alan Bomar’s ROUNDABOUT third with 26 points. For more Southern Bay Race Week sailing information, click here.

Cal Race Week

June 11, 2016

Seventy-eight boats sailed by more than 400 competitive racers invaded California Yacht Club this past weekend for Cal Race Week–the Santa Monica Bay’s largest and most challenging buoy racing regatta. To meet the logistics challenges, Regatta Chair Paula Cameron assembled and choreographed a team of 63 volunteers to make sure all went smoothly, both on the water and off. The virtually sunless Santa Monica Bay presented challenges beyond Cameron’s control as it served up light winds with seemingly random voids in the wind patterns on Saturday–conditions which repeatedly shuffled the fleet standings. A more solid southwesterly wind returned to MdR for the final two windward/leeward races on Sunday. The four-boat J/24 fleet completed five races, with Deke Klatt’s Jaded riding all firsts and seconds to victory with 7 points. Thomas Tunberg’s Bullet placed second with 12 points and James Baurley’s Critter in third with 14. Complete event details may be found by clicking here.

Happy 40th Anniversary to Ragtime

May 21, 2016

Family and friends gathered Sunday, May 15 in Stonington, CT to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the launching of the 24’ sloop RAGTIME – Rod Johnstone’s garage-born, dream boat built by hand over a 17-month period, and launched on May 15, 1976. There were lots of stories shared, as most who were gathered had helped either build, launch or sail RAGTIME during the memorable summer of ‘76. After launching, RAGTIME and her family crew (mostly under the age of 16) would go on to win 15 of 17 races in Eastern Connecticut that summer and inspire enough people to want a sistership that Rod quit his job, asked Everett Pearson to build them, his brother Bob to sell them, and the J/24 (and J/Boats) was born.

Will Welles Commands J/24 US National Championship

May 15, 2016

Great South Bay challenged the J/24 US National Championship teams on Sunday with sustained winds in the mid-20s, gusts in the low 30s and large waves by the day’s third and final race. Fortunately for Will Welles and his team (Chris Morgan, Monica Morgan, Jeff Linton and Todd McGuire), they were already back on shore, able to discard their 10th race score after wrapping up the title by then with 22 points. The Newport, RI-based helmsman counted all top three finishes until a seven in race nine, but the team was comfortably ahead of the 39 teams representing the United States, Argentina, Canada, Chile and Mexico. The balance of the top five battled tightly until the end with Carter White earning the silver position (43 points), Chile’s Matias Seguel the bronze (47 points), with John Mollicone in fourth (48 points) and Argentina’s Nicolas Cubria in fifth (52 points). Sunday’s race winners at Saville Yacht Club in Blue Point, NY were Cubria, Mollicone and Travis Odenbach.
Top Five:
1) Will Welles, Will, 1, 2, 1, 2, 3, 1, 3, 2, 7, [40/DNC] = 22
2) Carter White, 5, 1, 4, [15/10%], 2, 3, 5, 11/20%, 5, 7 = 43
3) Matias Seguel, 10, 8, [11], 8, 1, 4, 2, 4, 3, 7/10% = 47
4) John Mollicone, 11, 10, 3, 4, 4, 6, 7, [18/20%], 1, 2 = 48
5) Nicolas Cubria, 3, 3, [17], 1, 5, 14, 1, 1, 15/10%, 9 = 52
Qualifying to represent the US at the 2017 J/24 World Championship in Canada are: Travis Odenbach, Alfred Constants, Ron Medlin, Aidan Glackin, Tom Doran. Complete results may be found by clicking here, and photos are available on the J/24 Class Facebook page.

Will Welles Builds Advantage at J/24 US National Championship

You know you’re having a successful regatta when after seven races, you are able to discard a three. Such is the case for Will Welles at the J/24 US National Championship, hosted by Saville Yacht Club in Blue Point, NY. The middle day of the event on Great South Bay provided some welcome sunshine and breeze that began at 8-10 knots and built to 10-12 for the 39 teams representing the United States, Argentina, Canada, Chile and Mexico. Welles currently tallies 10 points [1,2,1,2,(3),1,3], ahead of Carter White in second with 20 points and Nicolas Cubria of Argentina with 27 (pending protests). Cubria was the victor in Saturday’s first race, as Welles and Alfred Constants completed the top trio. Then Chile’s Matias Seguel bested the fleet, tracked by White and Welles. Travis Odenbach and White watched Welles cross the line first in race six, while Cubria bookended his bullets for the day by winning the last contest (Seguel and Welles followed). Racing concludes Sunday. Complete results may be found by clicking here, and photos are available on the J/24 Class Facebook page.

J/24 US National Championship Launches in Great South Bay, New York

May 14, 2016

Friday the 13th brought good fortune to Will Welles on the inaugural day of the J/24 US National Championship, hosted by Saville Yacht Club in Blue Point, NY. Enduring light breeze (4-8 knots) and overcast/wet conditions, Welles recorded two bullets and a second for just 4 points in the three races. Carter White shadows him with 10 points (including the day’s other race win). Canadian Michael Howarth’s second-place in the final contest pushed him into third overall with 22 points. Thirty-nine teams are competing, including entrants from various areas of the United States as well as Argentina, Canada, Chile and Mexico. Following Welles in the first meeting were Christopher Stone (who took a 20% penalty) and Nicolas Cubria of Argentina. The leaders jumbled in race two as White defeated Welles and Cubria. Welles returned to the top in the last contest, tailed by Howarth and John Mollicone. Racing continues through Sunday. Complete results may be found by clicking here, and photos are available on the J/24 Class Facebook page.

The Great Vallejo Race

May 13, 2016

This event is hosted by the Vallejo Yacht Club. The race most often starts near the Berkeley Circle on Saturday morning, rounds a single weather mark near Alcatraz, and then heads to Vallejo, usually under spinnaker for the remainder of the race. The challenge is to maintain speed through the shadow of Angel Island, find the best combination of wind and current past the Richmond-San Rafael bridge and East Brother Light Station, and then avoid the mud shoals on the east side of the San Pablo Bay. As the boats enter Carquinez Strait, they bunch together, making the turn into Mare Island Strait a nightmare for many boats. Because of the topography of Mare Island, as well as the fact that it sits at the mouth of the Napa River, local knowledge (or many years of sailing the race) can make the difference as the yachts maneuver toward the finish line on the Vallejo city waterfront. Winds vary from light to heavy, and become exceedingly shifty. In the dash for the finish line, sharp crews can usually pick off several places with close attention to trim, wind, and current. The J/24s crushed PHRF 16 class, with Darren Cumming’s DOWNTOWN UPROAR first and Jasper Can Vliet’s EVIL OCTUPUS in second. For more Great Vallejo Race sailing information, visit http://www.vallejoyc.org/#!great-vallejo-race/snxu0.

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