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Women and Youth Opportunities for 2017 World Championship in Canada

January 30, 2016

The IJCA Regatta Regulations allow the following opportunities for Women and Youth in the J/24:
4.8 One all female crew per country, to be selected by each governing J/24 national authority, will be eligible to sail the J/24 World Championship to compete for the Jaeger J/24 World Championship Women’s Trophy.
4.9 One under 25-years crew per country, to be selected by each governing J/24 national authority, will be eligible to sail the J/24 World Championship to compete for the under-25 Turner Trophy. The crew members shall all be 24 years of age or under on the first day of championship racing.
To qualify for the “all-female” or “under 25” teams representing the USA in the 2017 J/24 World Championship in Canada, please submit a proposal to the Class Office by November 30, 2016. The proposal should include your sailing resume, and specifically your recent participation and results. For the 2017 World Championship, the USJCA now offers two of each of these berths!

J/24 Class Rules

January 21, 2016

The revised J/24 Class Rules (in World Sailing format) have been approved and are posted on the Rules tab at left. The effective date is March 1, 2016. Thank you to Tim Winger and the Technical Committee for their extensive work on this project!

2016 J/24 North American Championship

December 11, 2015

 j24 postcard
 Registration is now open for the 2016 J/24 North American Championship to be held at Port Credit Yacht Club in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada from September 8-11, 2016. Early registration closes January 31. There is a limit of only 60 boats, so don’t delay! www.2016j24nac.org

Kings Day

November 30, 2015

The inaugural 2015/2016 J/24 Winter Series was kicked off at The Florida Yacht Club’s Kings Day Regatta, hosted by Fleet 55 of District 10. Nineteen teams from up and down the eastern US seaboard arrived in Jacksonville, Florida avoiding winter’s first pounce. Friday, November 20, a North Sails seminar hosted by USJCA President Will Welles and local sailing expert Paul Abdullah had a format of lots of practice starts and short windward leeward races, allowing for focused individual coaching. The coaches’ suggestions and tips were sure to benefit the eight participants in the ensuing regatta. Friday night, FYC held the Oyster Roast welcoming the teams with an abundance of southern cuisine and hospitality. Also available to all the sailors was a selection of brews from Bold City Brewery. Saturday, after an introduction from PRO Pat Lambert, the sailors were met on the St. Johns River with a variable Easterly, making for big swings and challenging conditions to get a start off. However challenging, the RC did a great job and used all of their assets throughout the day to assure good quality racing. The aggressive starts caused the “Z” flag to be hoisted often, and it later played a large part in the overall results. Daniel Borrer came in after four races with three bullets, putting Jesus Lizard squarely in the lead. That night, FYC did it again, offering the competitors and guests a supreme Italian dinner and many of the crew, if not all, carbed up preparing for the next day’s beat down. Sunday, the front made its presence. Though not too drastic with a drizzle and North wind, it did create an interesting chop with the varying current flows. Lessons learned from Friday’s North Sails seminar were certainly beneficial in the windy condition. All 19 teams were again aggressive at the starts, enabling the RC again to utilize the X flag, First Repeater, plus the I over Z. Jesus Lizard did allow some other boats to win individual races, but their consistency allowed them to drop the last race. Former World Champion Will Welles, subbing for Peter Bream on Team Tarheel, ended up second, while the third-place tie-break went to Christopher Stone on Velocidad, followed by Greg Griffin sailing MaJic, and Bash with Ron Medlin at the helm finished up the prize giving in fifth. Daniel Borrer thanked his Jesus Lizard crew of wife Kelly Holleran, Chip Till, Barbara Gold and Steve Lopez, and he also went on to praise the fine job The Florida Yacht Club did as well as North Sails and the Chris Morgan fairing job. The Kings Day Regatta is event number one of the J/24 Winter Series, to be followed by the Midwinter Championship at Davis Island Yacht Club and concluded with the 50th Annual Easter Regatta at the Columbia Sailing Center. Kings Day is also event number two of the Florida State J/24 Series of District 10. For complete results, visit http://www.regattanetwork.com/event/11216#_newsroom.

East Coast Championship

November 7, 2015

The J/24 East Coast Championship on the Chesapeake Bay saw moderate breezes both days. While Saturday was mostly cloudy and cool all day, Sunday dawned with northerly chilly winds and partly cloudy skies. Severn Sailing Association welcomed everyone on the opening day with a cookout as teams assembled, launched and got ready for the weekend of racing. The J/24 ECC was sponsored by Hillman Investments, and the fleet of 15 boats enjoyed very close racing amongst the top five teams that included past East Coast, National, North American and World Champions amongst the skipper and crews. In the end, it was Travis Odenbach’s HONEY BADGER from New York who won with 21 points. Tony Parker’s BANGOR PACKET, with two bullets and three thirds, finished second with 27 points. The SEA BAGS SAILING TEAM with Carter White and crew from Portland, Maine posted an all top seven scoreline to secure third place with 31 points. The balance of the top five was Mike Marshall’s PIPE DREAM from Jamestown, RI with 34 points, and in fifth was Peter Rich’s crew from host SSA. Here is the report from the winning team skipper Travis Odenbach: “Walking away with a trophy and great lessons; though the numbers were small, the competition was tight! The weather was perfect, with mid-60 temps the whole weekend. Friday conditions were 10-15 knots out of the north, which made for shifty but flat water. Saturday brought sunshine, powerboats and light fluky winds out of the southeast. Sunday had some more shifty conditions with the wind ranging from 7-13 knots. Annapolis is known for streaky wind and having to go to the puffs instead of waiting for them to come to you, but for the most part that wasn’t the case. Overall, we enjoyed some of the best conditions I have sailed in at Annapolis. I learned a lot about sailing in Annapolis last weekend, but there was one thing that stuck with me: in shifty conditions, get on the lifted tack in a good lane as quick as possible! The start line was short, and there were only 15 boats. Our team talked about where we wanted to start and what end of the line we favored. In the grand scheme of things, the favored line didn’t matter as much as being on the correct tack right after the start. Our goal became having a clean start and, if lifted, staying until the next shift or immediately tacking onto the lifted tack. Whether we had a good start or a bad start, we always got on the lifted tack trying to lead to the next shift first. I will say it again: be the first to lead to the next shift! Geoff Ewenson, my tactician for the weekend, never really said that was our strategy, but after the third race on Friday I started to see a trend. Whether we could tack and cross the fleet or duck the fleet or go straight for a few minutes, we were always on the right tack heading to the mark. That is a very good feeling when driving the boat. The other thing I really concentrated on was rig tension. With it being so shifty and puffy, my go-to plan was set up for the lulls! Friday was windier–hardly ever dropping below 9 knots, so I stayed at 24 on the uppers and 21 on the lowers. A good gauge for when to be at this setting is when everyone is always on the rail and the backstay has to be used every so often. Saturday and Sunday, we stayed at 20-15 because it was so patchy across the course. We never went below base unless it was super flat and super light. I did get caught one race below base, and every time the breeze came up over six knots I had no height (the boat felt stalled out the whole time). The East Coast Championship in Annapolis is a staple event for the J/24 fleet. As usual, Mark Rivera and Pat Fitzgerald hosted a great event. From dock talks on Friday to flip cup on Saturday, I wouldn’t ever miss this event. (And Annapolis delivered on a great Halloween party in town!) So thanks to Pat and Mark for a great weekend, and thank you to my team–Geoff Ewenson, Ian Coleman, Wilson Stout, and Collin Kirby–I will see you next year!” For more J/22 East Coast sailing information, visit http://www.j24eccs.org/.


2016 Wall Calendars for Sale

November 6, 2015

2016-Cal-FullThe 2016 USJCA wall calendar is now for sale. It makes a great gift for crew and family, plus buy one for yourself! In addition to photos donated by Tim Wilkes, the J/24 Class Association also held a photo contest on Facebook for several pages of the calendar. The winning entries were taken by Christopher Howell, Peter Shumar, Steve Crawford, Tonja Holmes-Moon and Martha Blanchfield.
Order a single calendar or a 5-pack click here to order now.

2015 Southern California District 21 Road Series

October 30, 2015

Fourteen boats in all participated in the 2015 Southern California District 21 Road Series, although unfortunately not all in every race. Normally, this series consists of six races, held in various venues around Southern California, but this year,two races didn’t happen for our fleet (one coincided with the J/24 Nationals, and the other didn’t gather a class). The winner, by a wide margin, was Deke Klatt in Jaded, who participated in every race and never did worse than second! The competition for the remaining places was tight, as two boats tied for second place, and three for third.

2015 J24 Southern California Road Series Results

J/24 USA Maintenance

October 20, 2015

The J/24 USA site is currently under maintenance. While this process is being completed, we apologize for any noticeable degradation to the user experiences.

J/Fest Southwest

October 18, 2015

Fourteen J/24s completed six races at J/Fest Southwest from October 10-11 at Lakewood Yacht Club in Seabrook, TX. Natalie Penner on Giggles won four races and added a second and a third for 9 points and the victory. James Freedman on Miss Conduct took second with 20 points, and Kelly Holmes-Moon on Bad Moon was third with 24. For complete information, visit the event website at http://www.regattanetwork.com/event/10656.

Late rally wins U.S. Adult Sailing Championship

New Jersey City, NJ (October 12, 2015) – In what was described as a “miracle race” by Eric Leitner, the host club representative from the Manhattan Yacht Club edged out a competitive field in the final race to win the 2015 U.S. Adult Sailing Championship (Oct. 10-12) and claim the Clifford D. Mallory Trophy.

After three days of racing, Mark Hillman of the Chesapeake Bay Yacht Racing Association, who was in the lead entering the 12th and final race, finished in second overall just two points behind Leitner.

“In the last race, we rounded the windward mark in sixth and were going to gybe, but the boats gybed inside of us, so we held off and all the boats passed us,” explained Leitner. “We went right and just hoped it played out. We were the furthest team right and when we came in we managed to squeeze in front of the two boats and the rest is history.”

Leitner’s crew included Adam Sandberg, Doug Witter, and Michael Ambrose, and Tom Sinatra. The come-from-behind win was capped off when Leitner’s team finished second and first in Monday’s two races. They were eight points behind Hillman when the day started. Hillman posted a pair of seventh place finishes on Monday.

Carter White of the Northeast Sailing Association also had a strong finish by placing first and second on the final day. The top three teams were separated by just five points.

“We probably had about three and a half knots of current out here, so it was pretty crazy,” mentioned White. “In only four or five knots of breeze, that made things difficult. We had some interesting mark roundings where you had to sail past the mark and pray you could get around it. It made it challenging but everyone had the same body of water to sail in.

“It’s just great to get in equal boats with people of equal skill sets, which made for some close racing.

“The nice part of this event is that it moves around the country each year. If we can do it, we’d love to race at this event again.”

Fourteen teams battled it out in this historic US Sailing Championship, hosted by the Manhattan Yacht Club. Teams were comprised of both men and women in J/24 class sailboats. Regional Sailing Associations (RSA) selected their respective teams to compete.

With the Manhattan skyline and the Statue of Liberty as the picturesque backdrop, spectators enjoyed the viewing from the shoreline of Liberty Park and from Ellis Island.

Final Standings (Top 5 of 14; 12 races)
1. Eric Leitner/Adam Sandberg/Doug Witter/Michael Ambrose/Tom Sinatra, Manhattan Yacht Club, 9-1-7-1-1-1-8-3-9-4-2-1- ; 47
2. Mark Hillman/Jon Forst/Eric Reinke/Ron Weed, Chesapeake Bay Yacht Racing Association, 2-6/TLE-4-2-5-2-3-8-1-2-7-7- ; 49
3. Carter White/Molly White/Michael Mcallister/Ben McAndrew/Fiona Gordon, Northeast Sailing Association, 1-4-1-15/TLE-3-3-12-5-4-1-1-2- ; 52
4. Talbott Ingram/David Whittle/Carol Lee Ingram/Stuart Van Winkle/Robert Slook, North Jersey Yacht Racing Association, 7-2-2-8-6-7-11-6-10-13-4-3- ; 79
5. Bryan Dyer/Tony Waldon/Jeffrey Keller/Marc Nilsson, Texas Sailing Association, 3-6/TLE-8-10-14-8-2-13-2-6-5-5- ; 82

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