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Charleston Race Week

April 18, 2016

Eighteen classes with 243 boats competed amid breezy conditions at Charleston Race Week 2016, held April 15-17 in Charleston, SC, including 17 J/24s. After nine races, the top two boats finished tied on points at 18, each dropping a five. Scott McCormick’s Giggity netted 1,1,2,3,2,1,4,4 for the victory. The net line of Aidan Glackin’s Mental Floss was 1,3,2,4,1,3,3,1 – doesn’t get much closer than that! Carter White’s Sea Bags Sailing Team placed third with 22 points. For complete results, click here.

J/Fest on San Francisco Bay

Six J/24s competed in J/Fest 2016 on April 16-17 at St. Francis Yacht Club in San Francisco, CA. With two races completed, the standings were tight. Jasper Van Vliet’s Evil Octopus notched a 2,1 for 3 points and the victory. Darren Cumming’s Downtown Uproar won the first contest, but a third in the next race left him with 4 total points and second place. Val Lulevich’s Shut Up & Drive came in third with 6 points. For complete event information, click here.

J/24 Winter Series Concludes at Easter Regatta

March 30, 2016

WinterThe inaugural J/24 Winter Series was dominated by Daniel Borrer and the team of Jesus Lizard. Concluding at Columbia Sailing Club’s Easter Regatta, Jesus Lizard needed to stay in close proximity of Chris Stone’s Velocidad and Ron Medlin sailing Bash to secure the perpetual title of Best Amateur Helm. But instead of staying close, Jesus Lizard made everyone follow. The J/24 Winter Series consisted of three regattas with no throw-out. Jesus Lizard won Kings Day at The Florida Yacht Club in November, and with a sixth at the Midwinters in Davis Island, he was able to open the point spread on Velocidad and Bash, who were both tied at 16. The win at the Easter Regatta sealed the effort for Borrer. Though the skies were mostly overcast, the reception and hospitality of CSC was far from it. Each and every member volunteering at the event was cordial and welcoming, having you feel as though you’ve been a lifelong member. For 50 years, the Easter Regatta has been sailed and many of the J sailors reflected on their youth and memories of big wind and no wind on Lake Murray. Friday was a wonderful afternoon with a southwest breeze, allowing for the Race Committee to complete three one-hour races. Chris Stone led for the day, followed by Paul Abdullah and Team Tar Heel, with Jesus Lizard in third. Following the racing, a conversation with the leaders moderated by Tim Healy was held on the Front Porch of CSC. Friday night’s menu consisted of BBQ (South Carolina style), and the day could not be concluded without a visit to Billy Ray’s Barn. Saturday, an AP ashore was a blessing for some who may have just got home from the Barn. It took a few hours for an on again/off again East breeze to sustain itself. And finally at 12:30, a start got off—several of them. After a postponement and two general recalls, a race in light oscillating wind concluded with a win by Borrer, which moved him into the lead. Another race was started knowing that threatening storm cells were advancing from the south. After a shortened course, Jesus Lizard solidified their lead in the regatta with another win. All boats made it ashore before the storms. Saturday’s dinner (Italian, followed by dueling pianos) was followed by another night at the Barn. Sailors awoke to a foggy Easter morning sunrise service, and once again an AP flew ashore. No such luck for a building breeze, and with a forecast of storms approaching, abandonment was hoist. Thoughts of an early ride home were dashed as the crane operator was in church. However with some creative schedule shuffling, lunch was served, awards were presented and then boats were loaded. See the results at: http://www.yachtscoring.com/event_results_cumulative.cfm?eID=1375. Thanks to Charles Bumgardner and the whole Columbia Sailing Club volunteer base for putting on such a wonderful regatta, as always, for the past 50 years.

North American Championship Early Bird Registration Extended

March 4, 2016

The Organizing Committee for the 2016 J/24 North American Championship at Port Credit Yacht Club in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada (September 8- 11) has extended the early bird registration fee until June 30. They will be providing refunds to those who have now overpaid. The input from the racers was appreciated and assisted in deliberations. We hope this will lead to a healthy amount of competition and look forward to seeing as many racers as possible. The Notice of Race has been amended to reflect this change. Take advantage of the low $365 US entry fee and register now here.

2015/16 J/24 Winter Series Update

February 28, 2016

 With two regattas (Jacksonville’s Kings Day and DIYC’s Midwinters) in the bag, the 2015-16 J/24 Winter Series is well-underway. For the inaugural year, seven boats have participated with six skippers having qualified by sailing the two regattas. The Series Standings are (in order):

Daniel Borrer and crew on Jesus Lizard with 7 points
Ron Medlin and crew on Bash with 16
Chris Stone and crew on Veliocidad with 16
Patricio Sly and crew on MuyMuy with 24
Dan Busch and crew on Bushwhacker with 28
Ben Givens and crew on Sabotage with 30
(Longshot was at both regattas, but with different skippers.)
The third and final event is the Easter Regatta at the Columbia Sailing Club. Check out the event at http://www.easterregatta.org. A perpetual trophy created by Dave Noble of Noble Awards will be presented at Columbia Sailing Club’s Easter Regatta.

Rossi Milev on Angel of Harlem Captures His First J/24 Midwinter Championship

February 21, 2016

Rossi Milev put several Midwinters with second and third place finishes behind him and has now earned his first J/24 Midwinter Championship at the helm of Angel of Harlem. “I’m very happy to have finally won it, but it really wasn’t me, it was my crew,” credited Milev of Mark Liebel as tactician, Jim Traun on mast, Ron Hyat on bow and Arthur Blodgett as trimmer. The team came on strong on day two with a pair of bullets to come into Sunday with a three-point advantage, which held up when a lack of breeze kept teams ashore all day. Milev will take home The Lambert Lai Trophy, named in honor of the previous USJCA President who passed away on December 30, 2014. John Mollicone with Tim Healy on Blind Squirrel collected second place with 19 points, and Carter White’s Sea Bags Sailing Team third with 21. Hosted by the Davis Island Yacht Club in Tampa, Florida, 25 teams from across the United States, Canada and even Japan completed seven races. Milev noted that the Tampa Bay venue is “very challenging, and we ended up being lucky a bunch of times.” The event attracted a who’s who of J/24 sailors, making the competition very tough. “At least five other boats could have won it,” conceded Milev. “The top boats were here…maybe five out of the top 10 in the world!” It’s a solid start to a year which sees his home club of Port Credit Yacht Club in Mississauga, Ontario Canada host the 2016 J/24 North American Championship from September 8-11.
The top five:
1) Rossi Milev, Angel of Harlem [7], 3,1,7,3,1,1 = 16
2) John Mollicone/Tim Healy, Blind Squirrel 1,[14],8,4,1,2,3 = 19
3) Carter White, Sea Bags Sailing Team 3,2,2,3,2,[13],9 = 21
4) Mike Ingham 4,5,[14],1,12,5,2 = 29
5) Jim Lampman, Hot Chocolate 9,1,3,2,[15],4,11 = 30
Photos are posted on the J/24 Class Facebook page, and complete results are available at https://www.regattatech.com/scoring/action/showResultsRoster?clubCode=DIYC&eventCode=J24Midwinters16&divisionName=J/24.

Juggled Standings on Middle Day of J/24 Midwinter Championship Put Rossi Milev’s Angel of Harlem in Front

February 20, 2016

Rossi Milev’s Angel of Harlem leapt from third place to first after another three races went in the books at the J/24 Midwinter Championship. With a 3,1,1 on Saturday, Milev drops a seven in the opening race and now totals 16 net points. Also moving up in the standings was John Mollicone with Tim Healy on Blind Squirrel, who notched a 1,2,3 for 19 net points and second place. Carter White’s Sea Bags Sailing Team dropped to third place but is still in the mix, just two points behind Blind Squirrel. Hosted by the Davis Island Yacht Club in Tampa, Florida, 25 teams from across the United States, Canada and even Japan vied in winds between 6-8 knots with some higher puffs. Seven races have now been completed. Mollicone began the day with a victory, ahead of White and Milev. Milev secured only bullets for the remaining two contests. Behind him in race six were Mollicone and Christopher Stone’s Velocidad. Mike Ingham grabbed the silver spot in the final duel with Mollicone in third. Racing concludes Sunday. Photos are posted on the J/24 Class Facebook page, and complete results are available here.

Pristine Opening Day of J/24 Midwinter Championship Concludes with Consistent Sea Bags Sailing Team on Top

Carter White’s Sea Bags Sailing Team from Maine may not have won any of the first four races at the J/24 Midwinter Championship, but steady scores in the top three put them at the head of the 25-boat pack. Hosted by the Davis Island Yacht Club in Tampa, Florida, teams from across the United States, Canada and even Japan enjoyed mostly sunny skies, warm temperatures and breeze between 10-15 knots throughout the day. Jim Lampman’s Hot Chocolate rebounded from a nine in the opening contest to add a 1,3,2 for 15 points and second place (the Sea Bags Sailing Team has 10 points). Rossi Milev’s Angel of Harlem rests in third with 18. Class stalwart John Mollicone with Tim Healy on Blind Squirrel began the Championship with a bullet, followed by St. Petersburg NOOD J/24 winner Nobuyuki Imai on Siesta and White. Behind Lampman in race two were White and Milev. These same boats juggled the standings in the next contest: Milev, White and Lampman. Mike Ingham closed Friday with the victory, as Lampman and White kept their teams in the top three. Racing continues through Sunday. Photos are posted on the J/24 Class Facebook page, and complete results are available by clicking here.

St. Petersburg NOOD

February 15, 2016

Eight J/24s completed nine races at the Helly Hansen St. Petersburg NOOD at St. Petersburg Yacht Club in Florida from February 12-14. Nobuyuki Imai’s Siesta secured a bullet in the final race to take victory over Travis Odenbach’s Honey Badger by three points (Siesta totaled 19 to Honey Badger’s 22). Carter White’s Sea Bags Sailing Team rounded out the top three with 25 points. For complete results, click here.

Three Bridge Fiasco

February 10, 2016

369 singlehanded and doublehanded entrants signed up for the Three Bridge Fiasco on January 30, an iconic event on San Francisco Bay that lays testament to the support of shorthanded sailing in the Northern California area as well as the pursuit race curriculum. With starts strung out from 0900 to 11:12:10 AM for PHRF ratings ranging from 264 to -102, the 21.7 nm reverse pursuit course has become a must-do for sailors from all walks of life and all areas of the country. For many, it might be the only race they may sail shorthanded all year. For others, it’s another of the fun runs combined with long distance and offshore events fulfilling a busy competition schedule. The start and finish off the Golden Gate Yacht Club can be done in either direction and the marks of the course–the Blackaller Buoy representing the Golden Gate Bridge, Red Rock Island representing the Richmond San Rafael Bridge and Yerba Buena Island representing the Oakland /SF Bay Bridge–can be rounded in any direction and any order. Playing the currents, the wind, and out foxing your competitors is the name of the game…along with a little luck. The 2016 Three Bridge Fiasco provided yet another legendary day of fun, challenges, camaraderie and variety of weather for all participants, the majority of which completed the course before the daylight faded, and enjoyed a robust breeze for their final legs and ride home. (Submitted by Erik Simonson) In the seven-boat double-handed J/24 fleet, Darren Cumming & Loren Moore on Downtown Uproar placed first, ahead of Jasper Van Vliet & Steve Meyers on Evil Octopus and Randall Rasicot & Jessica Ludy on Flight. For complete results, visit https://www.jibeset.net/show.php?RR=JACKY_T009841774&DOC=r1&TYP=html/.

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